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Extra Credit- Harvest Hope Update

Three more visits have been made to Harvest Hope and my focus has changed to the volunteers.


Open Assignment

Today I got up in the wee hours of the morning to finish my open assignment. I had chosen to do the Disney Princesses and I had to buy a few props for the shoot. I got some colored posters to help with the setting and in a way off-set the princess’ personalities. I used strobe but mostly it was natural light from outside.

Here’s some of the edits I created.

BelleSnow White

Harvest Hope Food Bank- 1st Visit

Harvest Hope Food Bank is located at 2200 Shop Road in Columbia, South Carolina. It strives to help underpriviledged individuals get food for themselves and their families.

Today I headed up to Harvest Hope Food Bank to do my first shoot for our digital photography narrative final. It was interesting to take pictures of the people involved as well as the process. I was able to pretty much walk in this loop around the main part of the facility.

The first section contains an area where a consultation is done to see what people are eligible for. Then they are able to wait for their turn to head into the grocery-like area. They take a buggy and pick what food they want.



Although this was just my first visit, I am sure that I will be able to capture many interesting photographs since there are many people who come here for assistance.