Dali Atomacus



Philippe Halsman did this photograph in collaboration with Salvador Dali.

Dali Atomacus shows 3 cats flying in midair while a bucket of water is being thrown from the side. Also, Salvador Dali stands there painting his Leda Atomica. It took 28 attempts before they were able to get a good enough picture.

I love this picture, granted I would never be able to throw cats in the air like that. I love cats too much.

I think the idea for this picture was very unique. Using the cats and water was a dynamic way of approaching it and certainly keeps it from being too boring.

Also, exploring the idea of suspension was also a very interesting move. It would probably be difficult for any average photographer to do. And alot of money would probably have to be invested into a suspension project for it to be achieved properly.

Either way, this photograph helps to give you inspiration to try different things with your pictures. Keep it interesting.


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