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Sandhills Farmer’s Market

The Sandhills Farmer’s Market took place on October 25th, 2011 in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus has become famous for photographing people who are rather eccentric or in blunt terms seen as ‘freaks’. Her work didn’t really become famous until after she committed suicide.

Her photographs caught my eye because they weren’t just pictures of people that you would see everyday. And most of her work is in black and white and that is my favorite medium of photography.

The subjects in her picture also have a surreal-like quality to them. And sometimes, even simple images like the one above can keep you staring for quite a while. My eye keeps moving back and forth between the two girls.






Dali Atomacus



Philippe Halsman did this photograph in collaboration with Salvador Dali.

Dali Atomacus shows 3 cats flying in midair while a bucket of water is being thrown from the side. Also, Salvador Dali stands there painting his Leda Atomica. It took 28 attempts before they were able to get a good enough picture.

I love this picture, granted I would never be able to throw cats in the air like that. I love cats too much.

I think the idea for this picture was very unique. Using the cats and water was a dynamic way of approaching it and certainly keeps it from being too boring.

Also, exploring the idea of suspension was also a very interesting move. It would probably be difficult for any average photographer to do. And alot of money would probably have to be invested into a suspension project for it to be achieved properly.

Either way, this photograph helps to give you inspiration to try different things with your pictures. Keep it interesting.