Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman was recently shown in my Arts 360 class (Advanced Black and White Photography). Upon first seeing her images, I loved them.

I already love black and white photography. So seeing how elegant her photos are made me easily love her style. She has such a strange technique of photographing people (if they are in the picture) in a way where they are only half-way shown or that if their faces are showing, they are in a odd/almost creepy way.

But the picture I have posted is of a door (the picture is untitled). I just love how this is set up. And the tonal range is amazing. It’s so simple yet eye-catching. It makes me wonder what the story is with the door. Who moved it? Or what moved it?

I really love her work. It saddens me that she committed suicide at the age of 21 I believe? It would have been nice to see what type of photographs she could come up with using the newest technology.


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