Inspiration: Geisha

It is difficult for me to pick an image that I specifically like by a photographer, because I am not really a photography buff. However, I decided to go more for an inspiration this week instead.

Basically, I really love the Japanese culture. Sushi fanatic, I love Sony, and I just love most of the Japanese style in terms of anything.

This is just a random picture of a Geisha that I found on google. I found a few on flick which I thought were very compelling but I can’t save them to put here. So these are the links.

I really love how much effort is put into an identity of a geisha. I suppose, I would like to be able to have all my photos have some sort of  identity or story behind them. Not necessarily that they have to be a photo essay of sorts, but just that, they have a certain emotion or element about them.

Not to mention, a geisha wears such an assortment of bright colors. If my photographs were to display such elegant colors in a precise manner, I feel as if it would really draw the audience into my photographs.


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