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Something Beautiful

Zhang Jingna, also known as `zemotion on, takes such stunning portraits in fashion photography. I happened to randomly see the image below while browsing deviantart one afternoon. And then, I was able to see her website.



I love the lighting techniques that she uses. It states in her biography that she uses inspiration from her dreams and that makes her pictures look so ethereal. In some it almost looks like natural light, but then I imagine like in the picture above, she used an off-camera strobe. This reminds me of the football picture we saw in class the other day, where only the face was lit as it was the most important feature.

These pictures of hers make me want to experiment more with lighting. And perhaps even try out some fashion photography.


Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman was recently shown in my Arts 360 class (Advanced Black and White Photography). Upon first seeing her images, I loved them.

I already love black and white photography. So seeing how elegant her photos are made me easily love her style. She has such a strange technique of photographing people (if they are in the picture) in a way where they are only half-way shown or that if their faces are showing, they are in a odd/almost creepy way.

But the picture I have posted is of a door (the picture is untitled). I just love how this is set up. And the tonal range is amazing. It’s so simple yet eye-catching. It makes me wonder what the story is with the door. Who moved it? Or what moved it?

I really love her work. It saddens me that she committed suicide at the age of 21 I believe? It would have been nice to see what type of photographs she could come up with using the newest technology.

Inspiration: Geisha

It is difficult for me to pick an image that I specifically like by a photographer, because I am not really a photography buff. However, I decided to go more for an inspiration this week instead.

Basically, I really love the Japanese culture. Sushi fanatic, I love Sony, and I just love most of the Japanese style in terms of anything.

This is just a random picture of a Geisha that I found on google. I found a few on flick which I thought were very compelling but I can’t save them to put here. So these are the links.

I really love how much effort is put into an identity of a geisha. I suppose, I would like to be able to have all my photos have some sort of  identity or story behind them. Not necessarily that they have to be a photo essay of sorts, but just that, they have a certain emotion or element about them.

Not to mention, a geisha wears such an assortment of bright colors. If my photographs were to display such elegant colors in a precise manner, I feel as if it would really draw the audience into my photographs.

Memorable Photo #1

My boyfriend was trying to enjoy a Butterbeer in peace until a not-so-polite T-Rex crept up on him.











This picture was taken at the Island of Adventure theme park in Orlando, FL. Basically, the genre would be humor in this case seeing as…there’s a T-Rex, butterbeer, and my unsuspecting boyfriend involved.

The strongest element of the photo would be the coloring I believe. The natural light is also quite good seeing as the shadows fall in appropriate areas, yet they don’t seem to hinder any of the main elements.

I would want to keep this photo just because it’s a good laugh and it always brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.